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The Tresor, our gem!

Tresor is the most fantastic Dorelan mattress. At least, we think so.

At Dorelan Netherlands, Tresor is the best-selling mattress and we completely understand why. Once you’ve sat on it for a while, you’re sold. People describe Tresor as a mattress that embraces you, like a warm bath.

What makes the Tresor feel so wonderfully soft are the different fabrics such as silk, organic cotton and microfibre. Your body then sinks into the various foam layers such as Myform Memory Clima, Myform Extension Extra Soft and Myform Air. In addition to softness, the correct support of a mattress is of course also very important. Between the wonderful foam layers you will find the Dual Technology-Twin Systems Pocket Springs. The Dual Technology refers to the spring system. As you can see in the picture, all springs are in their own pocket, the pocket. There are two springs in each pocket. A longer one, which you come into contact with as soon as you lie down. This is mildly supportive, so you have the feeling that the mattress springs slightly under your weight. For people with a light build, this is sufficient support. Are you heavier? Then you will sink a little deeper into the mattress and the second spring will do its job. This spring is made to provide real firm support.

A bit technical, but the bottom line is that the mattress offers just the right combination of softness and the support your body needs.

The mattress can be turned. It has a Summerside and a Winterside. The summer side offers lightness and coolness during the warmer seasons and the winter side keeps you cozy and warm in the colder months.

Tresor is available in three versions: Soft, Medium and Firm. We have all versions in our store, so you can feel what you like. We also look at how you lie and which mattress is most suitable for your posture.

Is there no disadvantage at all to the Tresor mattress? Yes, it is heavy. That Dual technology and the different foam layers have to stay somewhere. This results in a 31 cm thick mattress that weighs quite a bit. But you don’t have to worry about that before delivery. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that it can go through your house. It’s not a mattress that you can fold in half to get it into your bedroom. We make sure that it ends up where you want it.

All you have to do is turn the mattress to the summer or winter side twice a year. Note: Those loops that you see on the side of the mattress are not suitable for picking up a heavy mattress like this!


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