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Remember those rock-hard pull-out guest beds from the past? Where you had the feeling that you were lying directly on the slatted base? You didn’t exactly get out of bed fresh and fruity if you had slept on it.

Everything is developing and the sofa beds are fortunately not what they used to be.

A sofa bed is very nice to have for visitors that you want to give the opportunity to spend the night. The children, the grandchildren, friends who come from further away. But it is also nice for yourself to have an extra place to sleep, without having to immediately renovate half of your house to put an extra bed. If you are sick and do not want to keep your partner awake with your coughing or sniffling, it is very nice to be able to lie somewhere else for a while.

Many people have a study or hobby room where they put the couch. That way you don’t need a separate guest room.

It is a godsend for people who live in a small house and can’t really afford a living area. During the day you can just sit on a couch and before you go to sleep you can turn your couch into a bed within two minutes. With the Dorelan sofa beds, it really is that easy!

In our store in Leiderdorp we have 7 sofa beds that you can try out. You can opt for a model that looks like a bunk bed when unfolded, but there are also variants of a double bed. There is a huge choice of fabrics and colors, there is always something that fits perfectly in your room. For the finishing touch, there are nice decorative cushions available in the same fabric as your sofa.

Before you come and have a look, it is useful to measure the space where you want the sofa. The benches are available in different sizes, so there is a good chance that we can use your space optimally.

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