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The Italian design in combination with the diversity and quality offered make the difference in Dorelan’s beds and cots.

Dorelan offers 2 collections of cribs: The MyRoom collection and the D-Sign collection.

The number of available fabrics and colors can cause some choice stress.

You can also choose from different bed base techniques:

1: Bed base with suspension (= box spring).
2: Flexible slatted base.
3: Fixed slatted base (= Firm).

Also very popular are the options for extra storage space (the “case”) under the bed. If you prefer not to bend down when making your bed, choose the “Case X2” model. You can then make your bed at standing height.

Not unimportant: almost all beds and cots can be delivered to your home without any problems. We assemble the bed completely in your bedroom.

Are you a little taller? No problem. With most beds you can also choose a length of 210 cm or even 220 cm.

Do you want to fit in bed with the whole family? That too is often possible. Many Dorelan beds are available as standard up to a width of 200 cm. Different sizes are also possible on request.