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Did you sleep well on board a cruise ship? There is a good chance that you have been introduced to a mattress from the Italian Dorelan. Dorelan has been a supplier to various cruise lines for decades, including MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises and Ponant. In general, the shipping companies often opt for a mattress with a firm lying comfort that offers a lot of support. You will not find really soft mattresses on board the cruise ships in most cases. There may be a difference in mattress choice between the standard cabins and the more luxurious first class cabins and suites.

The supply on board

You will often think that you have slept in a double bed on board. But those who were curious about which mattress they had slept on and did some research soon discovered that they had in fact been sleeping on two single mattresses. The separation between the 2 mattresses is not noticed because the cabin stewards have made the bed with a so-called double stopper. This topper is attached to the corners of the mattresses with elastics, making it less easy to move. In addition, the topper protects the mattress against moisture and dirt. The shipping companies opt for the use of single mattresses and beds because they want to be able to rent out all cabins on board as a single cabin, as a double (double bed) or as a twin cabin (two single beds). When the cabin stewards prepare the cabins with separate beds, they exchange the double stopper for two single stoppers. Often an extensive pillow menu is also offered. The extra choices in pillows are not standard on the cabin. These non-standard cushions are then available on request from the cabin steward.

The collection of Cruisebeds from Dorelan

In the Dorelan store in Leiderdorp we have many of the cruise beds and mattresses. With us you can clearly experience the difference in the comfort of a mattress with LFK springs, which is often used in a standard cabin, and the comfort of a pocket spring mattress, which are more often used in the more luxurious cabins and suites. We can supply the exact same mattresses you have slept on on board MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises and/or Ponant. But we also supply the different types of pillows (foam, down, feathers and synthetic) and toppers that are in use on board the ships. There is a good chance that you also had a sofa bed in the cabin on board. This can be a folding system, but also a bunk bed. We also have these high-quality sofa beds in the Flagship store in Leiderdorp.