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The Story of Dorelan

The start of Dorelan in the Netherlands

The first time Erik Schuffel boarded MSC Fantasia as Director of the Dutch branch of the shipping company MSC Cruises, he immediately noticed it. The wonderfully comfortable mattresses from Dorelan, which guaranteed a relaxing night’s sleep in all cabins. They felt firm, but also very comfortable. The quality and the comfort offered did not go unnoticed by Erik’s cruise customers. They regularly called the director of MSC Cruises to share their compliments about the beautiful ships and routes, but also about the wonderful beds and mattresses on board. Often he was also asked if he could not arrange for them to buy a Dorelan mattress. Since it was a cherished dream of Erik to start his own business again, the idea seemed born. After a 30-year career in the tourism industry, he finally decided to opt for a complete career change. He approached the owners of Dorelan in Italy and soon travelled to the factory with a beautiful presentation. Of course, the Delft blue business gifts and packs with stroopwafels could not be omitted. After an extensive tour of the factory, Erik was sold. Dorelan Nederland BV was founded in May 2021. It was decided to open a large Flagship Store on the residential boulevard “Wooon” in Leiderdorp. It was festively opened in November 2021 by the Ambassador of Italy, Mr Giorgio Novello. Erik opted for an extra large store so that there was also the space to show the complete range of Dorelan. Including the mattresses used by the various cruise lines and hotels.


Dorelan’s story is one of people, dreams, and dedication.

It all started in 1968. Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi decided to leave the company they worked for and start their own business. The first focus was on the production of superior quality mattresses. For example, the first Dorelan products were created in a garage in Forlì (Italy). Manufactured with the same taste and craftsmanship that makes Italian artisans so special.

Dorelan’s luxurious and high-quality mattresses did not go unnoticed and the distribution was soon expanded. From Forlì to the whole country. And from Italy to the international market in a steady and patient growth. Step by step, with a vision focused on quality. This choice inspired substantial investments in scientific research, technology, innovation and, above all, in people.

Today, Dorelan still produces mattresses, beds, box springs, sofa beds, slatted bases, pillows, toppers, bedding and furniture accessories in the familiar traditional way. The range also includes products for the professional hotel industry, holiday parks, cruise lines and professional athletes. With more than 200 people in the factory and more than 2,000 points of sale in Italy and the rest of the world. Dorelan continues to grow steadily around the world. In the meantime, the daily management of this family business has passed to the sons.  Boundaries are being pushed and ambitious goals continue to follow each other. But one thing doesn’t change. The will to continue to produce in a traditional way in line with the principles of Diano and Pietro Paolo.

Our mission

To improve people’s lives today, tomorrow and forever.  We do this based on our sleep culture, dedication, knowledge and technologies. Thanks to the daily work and the determination with which we pursue it. This is what we are doing, what we have done and will continue to do. With passion and dedication. We will forever distinguish ourselves by quality and details.  “Short cuts” and ready-made solutions are always avoided without hesitation.

Our vision

Sleep is a natural source of well-being. The energy and lucidity with which we face the day depend on its quality and depth. This is why it should be protected, nurtured, pampered and treated as the most important element of people’s health.

Sleep and well-being live in balance, they are values that we strongly believe in and that inspire us to work better, every day.  By designing and producing superior quality products in Italy, with first-class Italian materials. This is how we put our philosophy of sleep into practice, by manufacturing products that help you live better. That is why we have elevated the production of, among other things, our mattresses to an art and science.

Our Promise

Sleep well, live better.

This promise is close to our hearts, a professional ethos focused on the care and well-being of people who choose a new and virtuous way of resting, by choosing our mattresses and other products.

Every gesture, every minute and every action: everything is aimed at providing a deep and regenerating sleep experience, a true form of envelopment and absolute tranquility.  Qualitative rest, unique tranquility, Dorelan rest.