RO.MA Modica

Vanaf:  756,00

Modica is especially for customers who are looking for the ergonomics of independent pocket spring mattresses and who like the firmness, support and elasticity of the traditional spring systems. This mattress provides a strong sense of firmness and a high level of comfort. The Auxilium system, with zones that offer more support, is able to be responsive in areas most affected by the feeling of firmness. The mattress cover is seductively elegant.

The Taormina is equipped with an edge cover and offers a firm experience in terms of comfort. The mattress is 25 cm high.

Delivery time indication: about 4 weeks


Auxillium technology

The innovative Auxilium technology with a structure of high-rigidity independent springs has 7 different zones. The mattress is grouped together to provide more support in the areas that need it most. This results in a feeling of improved support that is still ergonomic and elastic.


An innovative mounting system with cross-assembled springs provides more supported areas, for the feeling of support where it’s needed.


The zones are created by alternating areas of parallel springs and areas that are cross-mounted, providing adaptive support for each part of the body.


The differentiated zone structure perfectly follows the shape of the body and offers support and ideal ergonomics.


The Auxilium independent pocket springs are all made of carbon steel, making the mattress very solid and long-lasting.


The perimeter box ensures stability and constant performance with a long service life. The mattress keeps its shape, even at the edges.

Auxilium technology provides the perfect combination of robustness and ergonomics, reliability and innovation, high resistance and excellent support.

Available with 3 different covers