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Dorelan Case system

Beds with storage space

Most of the Dorelan beds (cribs) from the MyRoom collection can be equipped with a practical storage space. The mattresses are then placed on a slatted base or on an orthopedic base (closed system). You can easily raise the bed base with the mattresses using the installed gas springs. Would you like to vacuum under the bed? The bottom plates can be easily removed, so you have easy access to everything.

New: storage space “Case Wood”

Dorelan’s latest innovation for beds with a storage space is the so-called “Case Wood”. The bed base consists of a solid, very sturdy wooden slatted base. The construction looks beautiful. Since this slatted base is made of one piece, it is extra sturdy. When purchasing, you should be sure that such a wide slatted base in one piece can also be transported to your bedroom. If you are not sure whether this will fit in the elevator and/or over the stairs, for example, choose the Case Easy Double.

Beds with storage spaces for smaller homes: the “Case Easy Double”

If your home has a narrow staircase or if the passages to your bedroom are not that wide, this version of a bed with storage space is very suitable. The “Case Easy Double” consists of a bed base with a steel edge and a flexible slatted base. If desired, this can also consist of 2 parts. This makes it easier to transport this bed to your bedroom. Our installers then assemble the 2 separate bed bases into one unit in the bedroom.

The attractively priced beds with storage space: “Easy Case Simple”.

If there is enough space, you can also opt for the “Case Easy Simple”. In that case, the slatted base is again manufactured from one piece. The steel construction in combination with a flexible slatted base guarantee good support and the construction is solid.

The beds with storage space from the Dorelan D-Sign collection

If you prefer to choose a bed (cot) from the D-Sign collection from Dorelan, you can also choose from 2 systems. You can opt for a slatted base in one piece (Storage System Simple). However, for smaller houses and/or narrow stairs, you can also opt for a slatted base of 2 parts (Storage System Double). The slatted bases of the D-Sign collection are also made of steel in combination with flexible wooden slats. The complete wooden slatted bases are not available with the D-Sign collection.

Let us advise you

Due to the wide range of available beds with storage spaces, it is wise to be well informed by our advisors in the store. Almost all available models are in our Flagship Store in Leiderdorp.

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