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Whether you live small or not, we could all use extra storage space, right?

There is enough space in the Case to store all your bedding: an extra duvet, your linen, pillows, etc.

But how about all that extra space for your shoes, bags, clothes or hobby items?

It’s great to have everything in a place where you can’t see it, but you can reach it super easily.

Just pull the loop at the foot end and the powerful gas spring will pull up your slatted frame and mattress to give you access to that fantastic storage space.

The Case is available with the beds of the MyRoom collection and the D-Sign beds.

Do you opt for a thinner bed base, which stands on slightly higher legs? Then you can order a smaller version of the Case, the SmartCase.

In our store in Leiderdorp we have beds that are equipped with the Case and the SmartCase. Come by when you have time, the Italian coffee is ready.

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